Volume 2 No. 34 | Aug. 24, 2022


No published opinions this week.

Dispositions Other than by Published Opinions

The Supreme Court of Oklahoma Court Calendar

The Supreme Court of Oklahoma is in session year round, unless otherwise noted. The Court regularly schedules conferences on Mondays and other days as needed.

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The August Oklahoma Bar Journal features several articles reflecting the Civil Procedure theme. Flip through the pages online in the interactive digital edition.

Melissa East authored the article "Defending a Lawsuit With Your Best Foot Forward":

"As a defense lawyer, you will often face a client – whether it’s a current client or a new client – who has been served with a petition and discovered they have been sued. When the client presents that petition to you, they may be stressed, they may be angry or they may be in denial. What is certain is the client will want the lawsuit to go away."

Alexandra J. Gage authored the article "COVID-19 Deadline Extensions: What Litigators Need to Know":

"The COVID-19 pandemic brought countless changes to the legal community, including the implementation of numerous deadline extensions granted by the government, courts and various state agencies. By analyzing opinions issued by the courts, attorneys can determine the most efficient arguments to successfully represent their clients and gain a greater understanding of the scope of the extensions granted by the courts."

All OBA members are recognized when they reach their 50-, 60- and 70-year milestones as members of the association. This month the grandson of one recent 70-year honoree shares his insights into how his grandfather's legacy of service inspired his own legal career. From "An Inspirational Practice":

"I always had the insatiable urge to be an attorney. I just never really knew why. Maybe it was my cantankerous attitude toward most everything in life, or maybe it was my love for reading and writing, or maybe it was my guilty pleasure of watching shows like Judge Judy during the summertime as a teenager. When I was accepted at the OU College of Law, it finally dawned on me: I wanted to be an attorney because my grandfather, Charles Albert Shadid, was an attorney."


Board of Governors Vacancies

The deadline for submitting nominating petitions is 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 2, 2022. A narrative bio in Word (not to exceed 350 words) and photograph with a resolution of 200 dpi or more is due by Sept. 2 to Alisha Davidson at alishad@okbar.org. More information about Board of Governors vacancies is available online.

One representative is elected from each of the nine Supreme Court judicial districts, as such districts existed prior to Jan. 1, 2020, pursuant to Order No. SCBD 4483 (2020 OK 17).

For information on current board members and officers, visit the Board of Governors page.

County bars, take note! It's time to submit your local delegates to this year's House of Delegates during the Annual Meeting set for Nov. 2 - 4 at the Oklahoma City Convention Center. Click here for more information.

In accordance with OBA Bylaws, the House of Delegates shall be composed of at least one delegate or alternate from each county of the state, who shall be an active or senior member of the bar of such county. A PDF document is available online with the count of members per county and the corresponding number of delegates and alternates allowed for each county.

Contact Alisha Davidson for more information: alishad@okbar.org

Featured CLE

By Jim Calloway, OBA Management Assistance Program Director

Computer crimes continue. Lawyers need to be aware of wire fraud schemes and the many types of phone-based fraud that exist. But we also need to be aware of appropriate cybersecurity measures. You don’t want to be hacked. But you also don’t want clients, coworkers, friends and family to be hacked.

Wired magazine published a feature 6 Things You Need to Do to Prevent Getting Hacked.

These six items are mostly about personal habits rather than sophisticated IT infrastructure. This makes it a great item to share with staff, family and friends. Every computer user can handle these items.

Of course, there may be one slight drawback. You may be asked if you “do all of this?” You’ve seen some of these six items before. So hopefully your answer will be either “yes” or “mostly.”

A law firm being hacked has significant consequences for the lawyer and clients alike. We know that most hacks enter the office via email. So that is a good area to address. Recently New York became the first state to require lawyers to take CLE of one hour every two years in cybersecurity, privacy or data protection.