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No published opinions this week.

No published opinions this week.

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The Supreme Court of Oklahoma Court Calendar

The Supreme Court of Oklahoma is in session year round, unless otherwise noted. The court regularly schedules conferences on Mondays and other days as needed.

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Resolutions For Proposals Relating To Legislative Program To Be Endorsed In Principle By The BOG


The deadline for OBA Awards nominations is quickly approaching. For several decades, the OBA has proudly recognized lawyers who represent the best of the best in the legal profession and law-related organizations that support our members and communitiesThe OBA Awards Committee invites you to review the list of OBA Awards and join in the effort to identify individuals and entities to honor during the 2024 Annual Meeting in July. Be sure to place your nomination by March 1!

The application period for Oklahoma Bar Foundation court grants is now open. Through these grants, the Oklahoma Bar Foundation helps improve the administration of justice in district and appellate court rooms across Oklahoma. Grants may be used to fund courtroom technological equipment such as interactive display boards, audio systems or video equipment. Courts can apply now through March 4. 

The agenda has been released for the annual OBA Day at the Capitol. Join us Tuesday, March 26, at the Oklahoma Bar Center, 1901 N. Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City. Walk-in registration begins at 9:30 a.m. During the event, OBA members will learn about legislation that impacts various practice areas. Attendees will also hear from judges and bar leaders. Lunch will be served at the bar center before attendees head to the Capitol to meet with legislators.

“'How do I ensure that my child’s needs are met?' is a question all parents of children with special needs have, whether their child is 3 or 30. 'What happens to my child with special needs after I’m gone?' is a question that keeps parents of older children awake at night. Fortunately, there are several things families can do to alleviate their worries.

Special needs planning is doubly important if the person with disabilities needs means-tested benefits, such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid (SoonerCare). Means-tested benefits do not include Social Security or Medicare, which are insurance programs and not subject to income or asset limits. A minor can get SSI benefits because they are disabled but cannot get Social Security disability benefits because they are disabled."

"According to government estimates, 70% of adults who survive to the age of 65 will receive some form of long-term care before death. That care does not come cheap. In 2021, the annual median cost of a home health aide in Oklahoma exceeded $58,000; the cost of a semi-private room in a nursing home facility was over $65,000.

Given these figures, incapacity can derail even the most well-thought-out estate plans. And the risk is more acute for certain types of clients. One such client is the farmer and rancher."

"Continuing legal education is a requirement for Oklahoma attorneys, which makes sense because there are always new laws, new terms and new concepts to learn. I also enjoy continuing my education in other areas, which is what prompted me to take steps to learn how to speak Spanish."

Developed for lawyers, WordRake provides editing suggestions for clarity and brevity and instantly edits documents in Microsoft Word with the easy-to-install add-in, suggesting changes that eliminate unnecessary words and phrases. A free seven-day trial is available, and annual licensing plans offer increased savings based on subscription duration. Learn more by clicking the “Practice Management Software Benefits” link on your MyOKBar page.

Featured CLE

By OBA MAP Director Jim Calloway

"60 in 60," a fast-paced program covering a wide variety of tech advice, was the opening feature of the last day of ABA TECHSHOW. OBA Practice Management Advisor Julie Bays was among the expert panel of tipsters. Ms. Bays has also been named the ABA TECHSHOW 2025 co-chair.

Check out the ABA Journal article, "AI-related tools and tips dominate ’60 in 60′ Techshow session." This article also includes a link to download a PDF file of all the tips slides. Some may not be understandable without explanation, but most stand on their own. (If this page goes behind a paywall, please reach out to me or Ms. Bays for the tips.)

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