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No published opinions this week.

No published opinions this week.

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The Supreme Court of Oklahoma Court Calendar

The Supreme Court of Oklahoma is in session year round, unless otherwise noted. The court regularly schedules conferences on Mondays and other days as needed.

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2024 WIL Conference STD Med Rec


"A person who furnishes labor or materials for the construction or repair of an improvement on real property may obtain a mechanic's lien on the real property to secure payment for the labor or materials. Oklahoma lien laws also generally require a 'pre-lien notice' to be sent (but not filed) before a lien is filed. The time for filing a lien (or, more correctly, a 'lien statement') depends upon whether the lien claimant is a contractor or a subcontractor. The difference between a contractor and a subcontractor is that a contractor deals directly with the owner of the property, while a subcontractor deals with the contractor or another subcontractor."

"As technology continues to transform every sector, the legal profession is no exception. The Oklahoma Bar Association understands the importance of staying ahead of the curve and harnessing the power of emerging technologies. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce our upcoming conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI) on July 12, in conjunction with the July 10-12 OBA Annual Meeting at the Embassy Suites in Norman.

Artificial Intelligence: Shaping the Future of Law Practice is a one-day conference we have designed both for those who want a deeper understanding of AI tools and for those who do not know where to begin in figuring out how and whether they should use AI."

June is National PTSD Awareness Month. Attorneys can be impacted by PTSD due to repeated indirect exposure to traumas as well as direct exposure to traumatic elements in their cases. According to a recent study, PTSD is higher in lawyers and judges than in other fields. PTSD, as well as other emotional distress that those in the legal field may experience, such as anxiety, depression or increased substance use and abuse, can negatively impact on an attorney’s work and life.

The Mayo Clinic lists four symptoms of PTSD to look out for:

  • Recurrent, unwanted, distressing dreams, memories or thoughts
  • Avoidance of elements related to, or discussion of, the case or event
  • Negative changes to thoughts and emotions, such as increased feelings of hopelessness
  • Negative changes to reactions, such as becoming more easily startled, sleeplessness and increased irritability

If you are seeing these symptoms or suffer from PTSD, the OBA offers all bar members up to six hours of free, confidential, short-term, problem-focused or crisis counseling. Call the Lawyers Helping Lawyers hotline (800-364-7886) to be referred to a counselor in your area.

Attendees at this year's Annual Meeting can make a splash while supporting a very worthwhile cause! At the conclusion of the House of Delegates meeting on Friday, July 12, OBA President Miles Pringle and other special guests will sit perched atop a tank of ice cold water awaiting your best pitch. Donate to dunk! Proceeds will benefit the Lawyers Helping Lawyers Foundation to support OBA members who are struggling with mental health or addiction challenges.

Relax and network at the Annual Meeting! On Wednesday evening, you are invited to join your colleagues for a free, fun and relaxed evening reception presented by the Oklahoma Attorneys Mutual Insurance Co., the Annual Meeting Co-Sponsor. Then, on Thursday evening, you are invited to the President's Reception and Barristers' Ball! Come dressed resort-casual and rock out to your favorite 90s tunes performed by the locally beloved My So Called Band. This fun event will give attendees the opportunity to dance to live music, enjoy delicious heavy hors d'oeuvres and network with other bar members.

The OBA is proud to welcome Smokeball as a Bronze Sponsor for the 2024 Annual Meeting held July 10-12 at the Embassy Suites in Norman.

Boost your firm's productivity and profitability with Smokeball. This cloud-based legal practice management software empowers you to run your firm specific to your area of law. Smokeball’s platform provides resources such as automatic time tracking and invoicing, streamlined workflows for your specific practice area, an extensive library of more than 20,000 standard legal forms and documents and actionable reports that summarize your firm’s activities and highlight areas of opportunity. OBA members receive a 10% discount on Smokeball.

Registration is open, and opportunities are still available to become a vendor at the 2024 Annual Meeting.

Per Senate Bill No. 1456, a new three judge panel shall be appointed to serve as the Court of Existing Claims (CEC) Division of the Court of Civil Appeals. As of July 1, 2024, the panel shall consist of:

  • Robert (Bobby) Bell, Presiding Judge
  • Jane P. Wiseman, Judge
  • Thomas E. Prince, Judge
  • Stacie Hixon, Judge (Alternate)

This panel shall serve through December 31, 2024.

The deadline is approaching for the Annual Meeting hotel block! The Embassy Suites room block is full, but a room block has been reserved at the nearby Holiday Inn Express & Suites. The Annual Meeting rate is $107 and includes breakfast. Please note that the discounted room rate is available beginning July 10, with check out by July 12. To book your room, visit the Holiday Inn website or call the Holiday Inn Express & Suites at 405-928-5300 and mention the Oklahoma Bar Association Group Block. The deadline to reserve your room at the discounted rate is June 25.

Featured CLE

By OBA MAP Director Jim Calloway

We still learn of new artificial intelligence developments almost weekly. Apple recently boosted its share price with an announcement that the company had made a deal with OpenAI, parent of ChatGPT, to incorporate AI technology into Siri with Apple Intelligence.

One of the first things to learn about AI is developing good prompts, which are the questions or directions you submit to the AI tool. Learning to prompt will be like learning how to use search engines in the early days. So now is a good time to get started. "The art of the prompt: How to get the best out of generative AI" was recently posted on Microsoft’s website. It is a fine outline of prompting, and it uses Bing Chat (now confusingly branded as Copilot) for its examples, which all readers should have free access to use.

To learn more about artificial intelligence tools you can use and AI-generated problems you can avoid, consider registering for the OBA’s AI conference, Artificial Intelligence: Shaping the Future of Law Practice, on July 12, at the Embassy Suites in Norman. It will cover many AI tools and AI cautions, with several nationally known experts presenting. Click here to learn more and register now.

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