Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals | Jan. 4, 2023


2022 OK CIV APP 42
Case Number: 119185
Decided: 10/26/2022
Mandate Issued: 12/29/2022

¶1 Plaintiffs Lisa Griggs and April Marler, on behalf of themselves and other Oklahoma citizens similarly situated, appeal the trial court order granting the motions to strike the class allegations in Plaintiffs’ class action petition, motions which were filed by Defendants New Dominion LLC, Kirkpatrick Oil Company, Inc., Rainbo Service Co., D&B Operating LLC, Mid-Con Energy Operating, LLC, Orca Operating Co., LLC, Territory Resources, LLC, Devon Energy Production Company, L.P., TNT Operating Company, Inc., White Operating Company, Dryes Corner, LLC, White Star Petroleum, LLC, Equal Energy US Inc., M M Energy, Inc., and Wicklund Petroleum Corporation. After a comprehensive review of the record and relevant law, we affirm the trial court’s decision. We also direct the trial court on remand to address Plaintiffs’ request for an order allowing the class members to file their individual claims as to the nine areas of seismicity consistent with Oklahoma law.