Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals | January 12, 2022


2022 OK CIV APP 1, 119743
Decided 11/23/2021

ΒΆ1 Defendant/Appellant, the Department of Public Safety (“DPS”), appeals an order setting aside and vacating a suspension of a driver’s license. DPS suspended the license of Plaintiff/Appellee, Stephen N. Currington, after receiving abstracts from the City of Tulsa for traffic violation convictions. The abstracts received by DPS were inaccurate because Currington had not been convicted of any offense. Currington appealed the suspension to the trial court. DPS corrected the driving record after the appeal had been initiated and then argued that the matter was moot. The trial court determined that DPS violated Currington’s right to due process by suspending the license without providing him with notice and an opportunity to be heard. The trial court held that the matter was not moot and set aside the suspension. We find that DPS did not violate Currington’s right to due process. However, DPS suspended Currington’s license without justification. Therefore, the Journal Entry of Judgment setting aside and vacating the suspension is affirmed.