Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals | July 27, 2022


2022 OK CIV APP 28
Case Number: 118841
Decided: 05/06/2022
Mandate Issued: 07/20/2022

¬∂1 Gene Bixler appeals several parts of a divorce decree entered between him and his now ex-wife, Kimberly Fassnacht. On review, we find no error in the district court’s decisions regarding support alimony, the distribution of funds from the sale of the family home, or the distribution of a Fidelity investment account, and therefore affirm the trial court as to those issues. We find, however, that the court erred in declaring Mr. Bixler’s Unum1¬†disability policy as marital property and reverse that decision and remand for further proceedings.

2022 OK CIV APP 27
Case Number: 119319
Decided: 05/23/2022
Mandate Issued: 07/13/2022

¬∂ In this dissolution of marriage proceeding, Respondent/Appellant, Jay Bills (Husband), appeals from portions of the trial court’s decree of dissolution of marriage. Husband challenges the court’s determination that Husband depleted the marital estate by $92,500.00 and the court’s award of this amount to Husband as a portion of his equitable share of the marital estate. Husband also appeals from the court’s decision to impute Husband’s income at $6,400.00 per month; its determination that the separate value of the E trade account, owned by Petitioner/Appellee, Stephanie Bills (Wife), prior to marriage, was $71,320.00; and the court’s decision to deny Husband’s request for his attorney fees. Wife counter-appeals from the trial court’s decision to deny her request for attorney fees. After reviewing the record, we cannot find the trial court abused its discretion and affirm the trial court’s decree and order denying attorney fees.