Supreme Court of Oklahoma | March 23, 2022



2022 OK 29, 118339
Decided 03/22/2022

¶0 Appellant Brian Friend appealed a decision from the trial court granting Appellee Kirsten Friend attorney fees. The Court of Civil Appeals, Division 1, affirmed the trial court. The Court of Civil Appeals denied Appellee’s subsequent request for appeal-related attorney fees. We granted Appellee’s petition for writ of certiorari. We hold that, where a prevailing party is entitled to attorney fees below, they are also entitled to appellate attorney fees; where an award of attorney fees is within the trial court’s discretion, a prevailing party may be granted appellate attorney fees.


2022 OK 26, 117912
Decided 03/22/2022

¶0 Plaintiff, Magnum Energy, Inc., appealed a decision from Defendant, Board of Adjustment for the City of Norman, Oklahoma, denying Plaintiff’s application for a variance from the City’s business licensing requirement that oil and gas operators maintain two million dollars in umbrella liability coverage. The trial court granted summary judgment in Plaintiff’s favor, finding that the requirement conflicts with State law and is therefore unenforceable. Defendant appealed the trial court’s order, and the matter was assigned to the Court of Civil Appeals, Division I. The Court of Civil Appeals reversed the trial court’s order, finding no conflict between the requirement and State law. We granted certiorari to address whether the requirement conflicts with 52 O.S.Supp.2015 § 137.1 , which establishes the authority of localities to regulate oil and gas operations. We hold that the requirement conflicts with 52 O.S.Supp.2015 § 137.1 , rendering the requirement invalid and unenforceable.


2022 OK 25, 117870
Decided 03/22/2022

¶0 Dr. Sawyer Hall treated C.C.C. in the emergency room at Saint Francis Hospital on June 16, 2017. C.C.C.’s eye was removed on June 21, 2017. Plaintiffs/Appellants Miranda and Colby Crawford, Natural Parents and on Behalf of C.C.C., a Minor, and Miranda and Colby Crawford, Individually (collectively, the Crawfords) initially filed this medical malpractice lawsuit against Defendant Saint Francis Hospital, Inc. on February 2, 2018. The Crawfords sought to hold Saint Francis liable for damages resulting from Dr. Hall’s alleged misdiagnosis. In February 2018, the Crawfords learned that Dr. Hall was actually an intern or resident physician and employee of Defendant/Respondent OSU Medical Trust, doing business as OSU Medical Center (OSUMC), and not an employee of Saint Francis. The parties agree OSUMC is a public trust and subject to the Governmental Tort Claims Act (GTCA), 51 O.S. §§ 151-172. The Crawfords gave notice of their tort claim to OSUMC on August 22, 2018. The trial court granted OSUMC’s motion to dismiss for failure to present notice of the claim within one year of the date the loss occurred, pursuant to 51 O.S.Supp.2012 § 156 (B). The Crawfords appealed from a certified interlocutory order, and this Court previously granted certiorari. The Crawfords argue that the discovery rule applies and tolls the one-year notice period until they learned Dr. Hall was an employee of OSUMC. We hold: (1) the discovery rule applies to the commencement of the one-year notice period when a medical negligence claim is subject to the GTCA; (2) the discovery rule does not, however, operate to toll the one-year notice period until the Crawfords discovered Dr. Hall was an employee of OSUMC; (3) the tolling provision in 51 O.S.Supp.2012 § 156 (E) does not apply to incapacitation due to minority; and (4) when the GTCA controls, the limitations in 12 O.S.2011 § 96 do not apply to the time limits for presenting notice of the claim. Notice was untimely and, as a result, the Crawfords’ claims against OSUMC are forever barred. We affirm the trial court’s order dismissing OSUMC for lack of jurisdiction.


2022 OK 28, SCBD-7212
Decided 03/21/2022

¶1 The Oklahoma Bar Association (OBA), in compliance with Rules 7.1 and 7.2 of the Rules Governing Disciplinary Proceedings (RGDP), has forwarded to this Court certified copies of the Docket Sheet, Information, Plea of Guilty, District Attorney Supervision Order and Deferment in the matter of State of Oklahoma v. Phillip John Shyers in case CM-2020-122 in Noble County, Oklahoma. Following plea of guilty on all counts in the case, the court deferred sentencing for 2 years for the following: Actual Physical Control, a misdemeanor; Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance (Marijuana), a misdemeanor; Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance (Cocaine), a misdemeanor; and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, a misdemeanor.


2022 OK 27, SCBD-7194
Decided 03/21/2022

¶1 The State of Oklahoma, ex rel. Oklahoma Bar Association (OBA) has presented the Court with an application to approve the resignation of Robin Gay Stead (Respondent) from membership in the OBA. Respondent, OBA No. 11530, was admitted to membership on October 16, 1985. Her official roster address as shown by the OBA is P.O. Box 927, 107 S.E. 48 th Street, Noble, Oklahoma, 73068-8440. Respondent’s post office box is expired; her current physical address is 107 S.E. 48 th Street, Noble, Oklahoma, 73068-8440.