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The Supreme Court of Oklahoma Court Calendar

The Supreme Court of Oklahoma is in session year round, unless otherwise noted. The court regularly schedules conferences on Mondays and other days as needed.

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Membership Comment Solicited: Proposed Dues Increase

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Following careful analysis and consideration of the association's long-term financial outlook, the OBA Board of Governors has proposed that, effective Jan. 1, 2025, membership dues be increased from $275 to $400 for those who have been members more than three years, and from $137.50 to $200 for those who have been members for three years or less. If approved by the OBA House of Delegates, this would be the first increase in OBA membership dues in 20 years.

A public hearing at the Oklahoma Bar Center has been set for Monday, May 20, 2024, from 4-5 p.m. In addition, members are invited to make written comments to OBA President Miles Pringle, P.O. Box 53036, Oklahoma City, OK 73152, or by email.

"Native American tribes are one of three sovereigns expressly described in the United States Constitution: the states, federal government and tribes. Since the Indigenous nations do not fall within the definition of a state, they are viewed, in the words of Justice John Marshall, as 'domestic dependent nations.' In turn, these sovereign nations and their 'tribal courts' hold a unique place in Oklahoma’s judicial landscape. With 574 federally recognized Native American tribal governments in the United States, there are 39 of these 'third sovereigns' in Oklahoma, which also happens to have one of the largest Native American populations (16%) in the U.S."

"Too often, lawyers become desensitized to the horrors and experiences we hear from our clients and each other. This can be especially true in Indian Country, where tragedies like the Trail of Tears are taught to children as the 'land runs,' which celebrate genocide. The modern discussions surrounding the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) often fail to address the historical underpinnings of the countless broken promises made by the United States to the various tribes throughout the country."

"I am proud to live and practice in the heartland of America. Oklahoma has a complex and rich history, vibrant culture and dynamic legal landscape, all of which offer an array of opportunities and advantages for those pursuing a career in law. From the urban cores to the rural landscapes, being a lawyer in Oklahoma is an enriching experience filled with unique benefits."

The 2024 OBA Law Day Contest Awards Ceremony was Thursday, April 4. The OBA Law Day Committee thanks Oklahoma educators, students and their families for participating in the 2024 Law Day Contest. With a theme of “Voices of Democracy,” the contest reminds us that in democracies, the people rule, and we must speak up and vote in elections to maintain democracy and the rule of law.

This year, over 1,650 students from 66 towns and more than 120 schools and homeschool groups entered the contest. We received more entries this year than in 2023, with an impressive number of entries from counties outside the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro areas.

Thank you to all the students, parents and teachers for participating in this year's contest.

The OBA is excited for you to join us for the 2024 OBA Annual Meeting! School is back in session with our Summer School-themed programming. This historic event combines three of Oklahoma's largest law-related conferences into one. The Solo & Small Firm Conference, the Annual Meeting and the Judicial Conference will take place simultaneously at the Embassy Suites in Norman from July 9-12. All four days will be packed with programming for the bench and bar, including Dr. Karen Korematsu, section and committee meetings, the AI Conference, the President's Reception and Barristers Ball, and bar business.

Connect with attorneys from across the state by becoming a sponsor or vendor. This is a great way to network and share your product or service. The deadline to apply is June 1. Please note that space is limited.

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Featured CLE

By OBA MAP Director Jim Calloway

Most lawyers tend to use iPhones, based on my nonscientific observations. I believe that is true for many professionals. IPhones have a reputation for being the most secure device. But some of the security features require the user to set or enable them, like Activation Lock, which prevents others from using your lost or stolen Apple device, even if it has been erased or reset.

"5 security features that all Apple users should be using" is a great guide to improving your Apple device security. If you are going to use your iPhone for any client matters (which I estimate would be about... 100% of lawyers) you want it to be as secure as possible. This post contains very clear instructions and information. You will probably want to implement all five features, but you certainly want to implement no. 1.

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