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The Supreme Court of Oklahoma Court Calendar

The Supreme Court of Oklahoma is in session year round, unless otherwise noted. The Court regularly schedules conferences on Mondays and other days as needed.

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In-person online registration is now closed, but walk-in registration is available at the Oklahoma City Convention Center at 100 Mick Cornett Dr., Oklahoma City, beginning at 8 a.m..

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  • “One State Many Nations – Criminal Track”: Wednesday, Nov. 2. Click here to register.
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  • "Plenary Session": Thursday, Nov. 3. Click here to register.
  • "Wellness Matters: Lawyers Helping Lawyers": Thursday, Nov. 3. Click here to register.

The November Oklahoma Bar Journal focuses on the topic of "Municipal Law," and the print version will arrive in your mailboxes soon. Check out the interactive digital version online now, featuring the following articles related to gaming:

Municipal Law: Come Join Us Under the Big Top!
By Beth Anne Childs 

Municipal Planning and Zoning: An Overview of State Statutes and Standards for Review
By Beth Anne Childs 

Municipalities and the Open Meeting Act
By Julie Trout Lombardi

Oklahoma Governmental Tort Claims Act | Balancing Competing Interests: Protecting the Public Purse While Compensating Citizens Injured by Torts Committed by Public Employees
By Jeff Harley Bryant 

The Essential Eminent Domain Concepts
By Nick Atwood 

Evaluating the Jurisdiction of Municipal Courts After Castro-Huerta
By Matthew Love

And in the PLUS section, don't miss:

The Back Page | The Rewards of Volunteering
By Ed Wunch

"The practice of law has a way of confronting us with our insecurities and imperfections. For me, practicing law has been simultaneously painfully awkward, hilariously comical and immensely powerful. However witty we think we are, whatever memorable lines we employ in arguments or briefings to the court, we cannot escape moments of self-doubt. I jokingly say that my motto has been “often wrong, seldom in doubt.” In mediations and in courtrooms, agreeing to disagree is what attorneys do every day. While our society appears divided over numerous issues that manifest in the workplace, courtroom and in threats against law enforcement and judges, lawyers are uniquely positioned to lead the way in civility and collaboration. Our clients look to us for guidance on how to behave and how to handle the stress associated with legal issues and concerns. Those who decry a lack of civility in today’s social interactions need members of our organization to keep calm and uphold the rule of law."

The Oklahoma Bar Foundation is excited to announce that Court Grants totaling $148,366.04 have been awarded to seven Oklahoma courts this year. These grants will provide modern technological equipment and updates to courthouses across the state to improve the administration of justice. Click here to view.

The Oklahoma Bar Foundation funds law-related nonprofits, court improvements, court reporter rural service grants and law school scholarships.

Featured CLE

By Jim Calloway, OBA Management Assistance Program Director

If one picture is worth 1,000 words, how many words does that mean a video is worth? It is a nonsensical question. Yet we all understand that video content on the internet is extremely popular, and today many people prefer receiving their information and entertainment through apps like TikTok and YouTube. Some law firms are posting video content as a part of their marketing plan, and it is almost certain that will increase.

You may not be able to afford a series of TV ads in your marketing budget. But it’s important to consider what would be easy and appropriate. One place to start might be by including a brief video introduction of the firm’s lawyers on their bio page on your law firm website. These need only be two or three minutes in length. It is a particularly good idea for solo and small firm lawyers.

There are now many affordable tools that allow even a novice to create and edit videos for online marketing. Catherine Reach, director of the North Carolina Bar Association Center for Practice Management, covers all the tools a DIY videographer might need in her post "Smile for the Camera: Leverage the Power of Video." If you are a small-town lawyer who graduated from the local high school, that is a great thing to mention in your “bio video.”

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